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Knitting a

Better future

We believe in sustainable development and environmental protection for a better future.


Reducing the
environmental footprint
from fashion

Our environmental awareness determines the use of processes that reduce the negative impact of industrial activity, such as the reduction of water, energy and the emission of gases into the atmosphere, as well as adequate treatment and reuse of water; and recycling the waste generated to preserve the planet's resources.

Reduction of

Energy consumption

We constantly carry out technological updating processes of our equipment, in order to reduce the energy consumption associated with production.

Reduction of

CO2 emissions

We use clean fuels for heat generation in our thermal processes for compliance with regulations related to atmospheric emissions.

Recycling waste

We recycle more than 80% of the waste generated in our activity.

Reduction of

Water consumption

We carry out shorter dyeing and laundry processes, which require less water consumption, thus reducing the amount of water discharged.

Safe and

Non-toxic Materials

We use chemicals and dyes with declaration of conformity Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex® that are safe for the user and environmentally friendly.

Water Treatment and Reuse

We perform an adequate treatment of the industrial wastewater generated, which we reuse in other production processes.

Environmental Certifications

We have ISO 14001: 2015 certification , which shows our commitment to complying with legal requirements and mitigating the environmental impacts of our activity.



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